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Complete Communications Security

A lot of options on the market purport to offer communications security by scrambling your messages. That stated, they offer no protection from people trying to figure out what you are doing. It is not that hard to figure out exactly what you are doing if, for example, you are downloading encrypted content from a known torrent site. What you are actually saying is irrelevant to people tracking you if you are chatting online with suspected anti-government groups. This is where other solutions breaks down and, until now, where there has been no true way to maintain your anonymity.

By combining together our IP Ghoster Local and Social products, IP Ghoster has figured out how to not only protect your communication but to keep people from figuring out what you are doing or to where you are connecting. Using a patent-pending system, IP Ghoster makes all of your communications - chat, email, downloading, streaming, etc... - look like standard web browsing. Try to look inside and would-be intruders are met with stiff customizable encryption. Try to figure out to where you are going and these same people are stumped by an elegant proxy system that redirects your traffic through numerous intermediate hops.

Unlike other systems which do not encrypt traffic or disguise communications, our hops are lightening fast and enables us to provide this next generation security and online anonymity without sacrificing speed on your end.

Next generation anonymity, security and speed - are you ready to start ghosting?

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