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Be Local, Anywhere In The World

Proxy servers are remote computers through which you can send and receive requests to the Internet. They hide your computer's identity behind theirs thus allowing you to overcome censorship while protecting your computer from attacks. The problem is that some proxies do not provide the services they advertise and, in fact, many nefarious proxies can cause more harm than good. There are proxy service providers but they are often no better than using nothing at all.

IP Ghoster™ changes the game by allowing your computer to directly connect to safe, verified proxies all over the world. Now you can enjoy complete online anonymity without middlemen and without suffering with unreliable service. IP Ghoster™ allows you to choose your location with the simple click of a button and our patent-pending continuous verification system ensures that the proxies you are using are behaving themselves.

Whether you are trying to overcome censorship, follow your favorite sports team or access content from another location, IP Ghoster has a user-friendly system that makes anonymous access simple and easy. Try us out for free to see how we can help you. Are you ready to start ghosting?

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